Permanent current exhibition at the Diaspora Museum

Permanent current exhibition at the Diaspora Museum
We are collaborating in the development of interactive applications as part of a new permanent exhibition at the Diaspora Museum.
Following are some examples from the project:
The Zionists Application – a quiz whereby the visitor answers questions and is rewarded with feedback of which Zionist characters he is most alike in a number of spheres: foreign, economic and social policy. A final collage of the three Zionist figures his opinions  is most aligned with is displayed as a collage.
Using a RFID bracelet the collage is deposited digitally into his personal album which captures his visit to the museum.
The audio application uses push radio buttons which allows the user to navigate the different songs and styles of music
The application also gives the user easy access to great Sephardi compositions performed by current artists
In this project we combined  sand table art and animated movies based on unique propriety illustrations which were integrated as clips into the songs